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Top Museums in London

You need to visit the best museums in London to get a taste of the authentic history. The museum named Imperial War is the best for History, Tate Modern is best known for aficionado art while the Wimbledon Museum for Lawn Tennis is known for sports. The museums in London have things that can attract everyone.

British Museum


It was established in1753. It has over13 million items dated back more than 2 million years ago. The Great Court contains a range of treasures from different cultures worldwide. There are about 5.8 million people yearly who come to view such famous items as Egyptian mummies, Parthenon Sculptures and Rosetta stone. The museum has a program for daily tours of the gallery, guided tours, talks and special exhibitions.

Tate Modern

It contains contemporary and modern arts derived from many parts of the world. It is located where the Power station at Thames banks was located. The amazing Turbine Hall spreads through the whole building. It displays legendary arts like those by Picasso, Bonnard, Pollock, Bourgeois, Warhol, Matisse, Rothko, Cézanne and Dalí. Read More...

Fancy A Piece Of History Yourself? Antique Jewellery Is More Popular and Fashionable Than You Think

The world today is flooded with newer-is-better, cookie-cutter products; you can be sure that anything unique will stand out. This is one of the reasons why antique jewellery is fast gaining popularity among those who value authentic fashion and are true to their personal brand. 

Apart from being pocket friendly, antique jewelry are available in a range of styles. This means that the person with even the most choosy fashion taste can get something that suits their preferences. 

Why Should You Consider Antique Jewelry?

Priceless Investment

Unlike the newly manufactured pieces, antique jewellery is durable, making it an invaluable, lasting investment. You may be required to get it polished from time to time, or have some minor repairs done but the gemstones and precious stones will outlast you. When properly maintained, antiques remain as good as new.  Read More...


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