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Top Museums in London

You need to visit the best museums in London to get a taste of the authentic history. The museum named Imperial War is the best for History, Tate Modern is best known for aficionado art while the Wimbledon Museum for Lawn Tennis is known for sports. The museums in London have things that can attract everyone.

British Museum


It was established in1753. It has over13 million items dated back more than 2 million years ago. The Great Court contains a range of treasures from different cultures worldwide. There are about 5.8 million people yearly who come to view such famous items as Egyptian mummies, Parthenon Sculptures and Rosetta stone. The museum has a program for daily tours of the gallery, guided tours, talks and special exhibitions.

Tate Modern

It contains contemporary and modern arts derived from many parts of the world. It is located where the Power station at Thames banks was located. The amazing Turbine Hall spreads through the whole building. It displays legendary arts like those by Picasso, Bonnard, Pollock, Bourgeois, Warhol, Matisse, Rothko, Cézanne and Dalí.

The Museum of Natural History


It is found in a beautiful building, and it contains many exhibits that are interesting and interactive such as the Mammals; especially blue whale, and Dinosaurs galleries and the Central Hall where the diplodocus skeleton is found. The modern Cocoon building contains many amazing specimens, and laboratories in which scientists do their work. Here, there are a lot of activities; visitors can participate in discussions with experts, on nature and science.

National Gallery

It contains paintings from Western Europe from between 1250 and 1900. The paintings include those by Da Vinci, Botticelli, Turner, Gainsborough, Renoir, van Gogh, Cezanne and Rembrandt. It also has special displays, videos, audio-visuals, lectures, holiday events and guided tours for everyone.

 The Albert and Victoria Museum


It is said to be the greatest museum worldwide. It has collections dated back 300 years ago. It is located in the South side of Kensington, and has been through a restoration and renewal process. It contains the Galleries of Medieval Renaissance, which show a few treasures from that time, the Jewelry Gallery of Judith and William Bollinger and the British Galleries, which shows Britain’s arts and history. The museum offers a program for extensive events and temporary displays which are approved internationally. You can always have the V&A contact telephone numbers; they’d come in handy.

The London Museum of Science

It contains amazing objects like the 10 command system by Apollo and Stephenson's Rocket. Visitors can watch a 3D movie, use the Red RAF Arrows to fly, in a stimulator with special effects, and view the future, current and past of technology from the galleries.

Charles Dickens Archives  


2012 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. The museum was established at his former home of 2 years (1837-1839). It has unique items like pictures, first editions, letters, memorabilia, well maintained rooms and furniture. It also has temporary displays for the bicentenary celebrations throughout 2012.

Wimbledon Museum for Lawn Tennis

The museum shows the triumph, traditions, sounds and sights that led to the fame of Wimbledon. It allows for an exploration of how tennis evolved into such an expensive sport, from a mere garden party. The museum has interactive audio guides and touch screens to explain the evolution of the game.  

The Royal Museums of Greenwich


This museum came to be in 2012, after the joining together of National Marine Museum, Her Majesty’s House, the Regal Observatory and the Planetarium of Peter Harrison. It is situated in the Greenwich Site of the World Heritage, and it is a popular place for tourists. Visitors get the chance to be in 2 different hemispheres across the Greenwich Meridian, see Nelson’s Uniform and Harrison’s timekeepers, touch a meteorite that fell 4.5 billion years ago and visit the stars in the only Planetarium in London. The National Marine Museum will celebrate its 75th anniversary and Her Majesty’s 25th anniversary in 2012. There will be a special exhibition of River Thames.

The National Picture Gallery

It has many popular faces between the final Middle Ages and today, like those of Hockney and Holbein. There are sculptures, paintings, videos and pictures of the most influential Britons. There are many exhibitions, a restaurant on the roof and free events in the museum. See

London Museum


It features the difficult times of London. It also shows details of prehistoric London, the changes it underwent under the Saxons and Romans, the plague, fire and civil wars, and medieval London. It has modern London galleries which show Victorian London, the recreated leisure gardens and the Coach of Lord Mayor.

Museum of the Imperial War

It tells stories about wars from the 1st World War to the present. It shows the experiences of people locally and abroad in World Wars 1 and 2. The Big Exhibits Gallery portrays the consequences of current war on place and people. The Holocaust Display shows the killing of Jews and Nazi persecution, and the Gallery of Lord Ashcroft shows the amazing legendary stories behind George and Victoria Cross.


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