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Fancy A Piece Of History Yourself? Antique Jewellery Is More Popular and Fashionable Than You Think

The world today is flooded with newer-is-better, cookie-cutter products; you can be sure that anything unique will stand out. This is one of the reasons why antique jewellery is fast gaining popularity among those who value authentic fashion and are true to their personal brand. 

Apart from being pocket friendly, antique jewelry are available in a range of styles. This means that the person with even the most choosy fashion taste can get something that suits their preferences. 

Why Should You Consider Antique Jewelry?

Priceless Investment

Unlike the newly manufactured pieces, antique jewellery is durable, making it an invaluable, lasting investment. You may be required to get it polished from time to time, or have some minor repairs done but the gemstones and precious stones will outlast you. When properly maintained, antiques remain as good as new. 

Intricate Designs and Dedicated Workmanship

Antique and vintage jewelry feature exquisite artwork and high quality attention to detail that is not present in the mass produced pieces available in retail shops today. The intricate design work and painstaking workmanship means that each jewelry piece is unique, which indicates authenticity and specific artist whose hands crafted the masterpiece. Check out a collection o the masterpieces at Hatton Garden.


Special Provenance and History

The stories behind antiques are always intriguing and entertaining. Regardless of whether the piece belonged to a celebrity or not, it has a depth of history that newly mass-produced items don’t. Most vintage jewelry is engraved with romantic messages that forever capture a moment in time. Once you possess this antique, your story becomes part of the intriguing history.

Perfect Mementos

Antique jewelry pieces are usually a few decades, maybe centuries old. There is likelihood that they are pre-owned. Whether you are interested in a glamorous Art Deco Brooch or an antique Georgian parure, you are sure to get something that encompass all design periods and eras. Check out Ebay for a selection of the best pieces. 


The Price Advantage

Most antique jewelry is pre-owned. As such, they are often at a more pocket-friendly price compared to newly manufactured pieces of the same value. Even the most contemporary pieces from the most renowned high end designers will be well priced and the most modest of consumers can get a piece.

Does Vintage And Antique Jewellery Refer To the Same Thing?

Quite often, you will hear these two terms used exchangeably when referring to jewellery. However, these two terms mean totally different things. Antique refers to items that are more than a century old. Vintage, on the other hand, refers to items that are less than a century old but older than 50 years.  Over time, of course, vintage pieces become antique. The Antique Jewellery Group is a good starting point when looking for authentic pieces from all eras.

Estate jewellery refers to pre-owned pieces, even if they were not bought at an estate sale. Since most vintage and antiques have exchanged hands over time, they are get the estate jewellery title. Estate pieces come with several classifications. The most common classes are as follows.

• Georgian from 1717 to 1837

These are extremely rare, handmade pieces that typically include nature designs and precious stones. Most of these pieces stayed in the same families for decades.

• Victorian Romantic from 1837 to 1855

These pieces are mostly nature designs with loads of colored gemstones, diamonds and gold etching. Most of these items were brooches and lockets.

• Victorian Grand from 1856 to 1800

Most jewelry pieces from this age come with dark heavyset stones. The designs are a lot less colorful, which was taken to reflect the prevailing political events of the time meant to reflect somber sensibilities.

• Victorian Aesthetic from 1885 to 1900

This was the age when fluidity and color was reintroduced into the fashion scene with many pieces featuring crescent pendants and colorful gemstones.

• Arts and Crafts from 1894 to 1923

This age witnessed the return of intricate, handmade designs and organic craftsmanship as a commentary of the industrial revolution. Many pieces feature uncut stones chosen for their natural shapes and colors.

• Edwardian from 1901 to 1915

This was the classical designs age with pieces featuring expensive rubies, diamonds and emeralds in top-of-the-range designs.

• Art Nouveau from 1895 to 1915

This age led to the resurgence of natural designs, which contrasted with the Edwardian ornate styles. The jewelry was not as elaborate as in the previous era.

• Art Deco from 1915 to 1935

The jewelry pieces from this age are reminiscent of the similarly inspired Empire State building designs, albeit in a smaller scale. They are full of geometrical shapes, and mostly feature native designs.

• Retro from 1945 to 1960

This is the newest era and it reflects the bold lifestyle often mirrored by Hollywood movies. Though you will find countless generics, there are a good number of original crafted pieces. 

Parting Short

Fancy an heirloom collection? Antique jewelry will make that possible. If you are one of those people who live for unique, antique is the way to go. Check out Cavendish Jewellers for a collection of the finest antiques.


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